BREAKING NEWS: I will be meeting the amazingly talented Natalie Dormer at Brisbane Supanova in November 2014.

Natalie Dormer is Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones. I absolutely adore her in everything I’ve seen her in though including most notably The Tudors and Elementary. This is going to be the best Supanova yet. 


Some pictures of me in my Dany cosplay!!! I got like no pictures at the convention bc I got overwhelmed by the amount of ppl there on Saturday and sat in a corner 90% of the day, lol

I am planning on doing one of outfits with pants next, because walking 4+ miles in a dress with chub rub is not fun at all.

Also I LOVED that amazing Ned Stark I took a picture with. His chair was the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Fantastic Dany Cosplay!

Brisbane Supanova 2013 - Daenerys Targaryen - season 3 episode 7
Cosplay Tutorial [x]

Brisbane Supanova 2013 - Daenerys Targaryen - season 3 episode 7

Cosplay Tutorial [x]

New Icon Photo from Brisbane Supanova

New Icon Photo from Brisbane Supanova

Brisbane Supanova 2013 - Daenerys Targaryen - season 3 episode 7
Cosplay Tutorial [x]

Brisbane Supanova 2013 - Daenerys Targaryen - season 3 episode 7

Cosplay Tutorial [x]

Daenerys Season 3 Episode 7 White Slave Collar Dress Neckpiece Tutorial.

Hi everyone! Finally some new content to upload! Today I’ll be showing you how I designed and created Daenerys Slave Collar Neckpiece for my next cosplay from the particular episode of Game of Thrones “The Bear and the Maiden Fair.”

Some reference photos:

Photo of the cosplay I will be doing:

photo 0c185072-1353-4ee5-93e7-37a063d7661e_zpsd9cc761f.jpg

Photo of the neckpiece: 
photo 185441f9-96eb-46ad-8db3-c1f29ed2f063_zpsefa60113.jpg

This picture is very edited, I found it on tumblr to use as a reference photo. She wears this neckpiece almost throughout the entire series so it could be helpful for her other costumes during the season to read through this tutorial.

For this particular piece I used: 

  1. Black Scupley [You can use any kind of clay molding, I bought extra cause I predicted I would screw up the first one - which I did]
  2. Any kind of polymer varnish. You can ask a store clerk for assistance as to which one you want to use. I used Matte. 
  3. Some strips of Brown/black leather or pleather, it doesn’t matter what you use.
  4. Aluminium foil to help the sculpey mould. 

I knew the Clay would be difficult to use cause I’m not very experienced with it. So I wrapped some aluminium foil around my neck to make a mould of my neck, it didn’t really help that much so its optional. Good to try and wrap my mind about how thick or how curved I wanted it to be.

On a board I rolled out a line of scupley and rolled it into a open circle. I attached a small piece in the centre which is wear my dress will be attached. A made two small holes on each end because this is where the leather will loop through so you can tie the neckpiece around your neck. This was the hardest part and I spent ages trying to get it as smooth as possible. 

photo bec7f5f0-260f-45c7-8820-b8cadf9fe203_zpsdff4302e.jpg

I wrapped it around a make shift aluminium foil trying to get the shape as good as possible so that when I wear it around my neck it fits well. I think its essential to create some kind of mould to put the sculpey on. You don’t want it to heat up absolutely straight stiff cause when you put that on it won’t sit right. This took a lot of time to figure out so just take my advice.

photo ffd5365a-dc94-40dc-9881-91b0629ae5f1_zps6ebf4cdc.jpg

Put it in the oven, and adjust your temperature and time according to your oven. My oven is slow so I had it in for half an hour. When you take it out of the oven, careful not to touch the sculpey as it could easily move out of shape and even snap cause its still fragile. Once it cools you can tell its done by how stiff it is. 

 Coat the neckpiece in some Polymer Varnish, I used Matte Varnish and did 3 coats. It doesn’t matter how rough this neckpiece looks as it doesn’t have to be perfect. Mine had a fair few bubbles in it, I wasn’t paying much attention to what I was doing! But oh well. You can always sandpaper the varnish off and re-do it I’m pretty sure.

photo P1010124_zps505cbc0b.jpg

Yeah it looks a bit rough, but the shape is right! Hooray! [I’ll let you in on a secret, I did 4 attempts at this so by the end I’m pretty happy it only turned out a little bit bad] 

Lastly, pull two straps of brown or black leather/pleather through the two ends and stitch it together roughly. No one sees this part so I don’t think it matters too much. [You could probably use any kind of material for this but I think the pleather I used looks nice plus its rather stretchy so any weight pulling the neckpiece down the stress should be on the pleather and not the clay.] 

photo bdba221f-51db-41e4-a872-d001f2c37af3_zps82dd2e78.jpg

And thats that! All you need to do is tie the straps around your neck just as any other necklace! 

Here is some photos of me wearing my new neckpiece!

photo e40731c9-c570-4221-b5f3-8712cd9520a7_zps6da2bbcb.jpg

photo P1010146_zpsb23fb6c6.jpg

photo 8c6bb3fb-420f-413e-a1a1-1125734b0aee_zpsc056ccf8.jpg

My ask box is always open for queries. I should disclaim that I am still an inexperienced cosplayer, i.e my first time with sculpey. But I’d love to be helpful to anyone who is looking for advice or anything really. 

Oh my goodness. You guys are going to die with jealousy.

George RR Martin and Peter Dinklage will be at the Brisbane Supanova in November. 

I will be meeting Martin AND Dinklage in my new Daenerys cosplay. 

Okay now that the seasons concluded I know what will be my next cosplay!

Although she only wears this dress for one scene, it looks super easy and not as uncomfortable as my last cosplay! Yay so excited!

I will have to get some better quality images later :D 

 photo ccf7f452-362f-41c1-9ea1-c38e6005aba4_zpsab9b781b.jpg

So I reused my Daenerys costume for a ‘Around the World’ themed party, like as if I’d wanna do Earth. Totally did Westeros and pretended to be a dothraki handmaiden, didn’t feel like wearing the wig. So here are some nice pictures with my costume shown and a silly one! Enjoy!

Also, the only thing running through my head when seeing these photos is ‘DAENERYS GOT ON A BOAT’ 

It’s a real shame I didn’t feel inspired enough to cosplay the new season 3 blue dress.

Supanova is in two weeks but man that dress is beautiful. I felt like I didn’t have enough inspiration to do it this year! :( Damn. 

Basically all I’m doing at supanova this time is dying my hair purple and wearing a cute dress.

If you guys see any cosplays from this season which would just be magical, let me know which episode and I will start for my November cosplay!! Itd be a shame to only use my wig for one costume :D