You know, I’ve been cosplaying Daenerys for over 2 years now. And every time the amount daenerys cosplayers increases dramatically. On Sat of OZ Comic Con there were over 20 daenerys cosplayers that I saw. It just doesn’t feel special to me anymore.

I used to be recognised and people would love taking photos of me and say how much they loved my costume. And now I’m just another one of the daenerys cosplayers. 

I dunno you guys. It’s lost it’s flare and over the weekend I was just really disheartened. I love the process of making the costumes. But have stopped loving the actual cosplay part. 

Give me a few days, I’ll cheer up. It’s just still fresh in my mind.

At Oz Comic Con I had my first creepy experience!

A mid-40’s man approached me and said “Clarissa!”

And I was like “what?” and he said “Clarissa!” and I was like “no sorry” and he was like “From game of thrones!” and I corrected him “Oh, Khaleesi”.

At this point I was feeling a bit obligated to talk to him but I really wanted to just wave and walk away.

He then grabbed me and hugged me! 

It felt like torture, it was just extremely creepy and I was very uncomfortable. 

He then said “Oh i should have asked you if I could hug you”

And I said “Yes, you should have”

And then I smiled and waved and got away as quick as possible.

In my past experience people have asked me for hugs and I have obliged but in this instance I already had red flags from this man who was twice my age and standing super close to me so I wanted to make the interaction as quick as possible. I practically ran away from him until I was out of his sight.  




Michele Carragher, the head embroider on Game of Thrones, made this awesome tutorial to show how she created the dragonscale fabric that appears on several of Daenarys’ costumes in S3 and S4.

Ms. Carragher says that the dragonscale fabric was created because “In season 3 the Costume Designer Michele Clapton wanted a Dragonscale like textured embroidery that starts to emerge on three of Daenery’s costumes, which becomes heavier and more pronounced, growing and evolving as the season progresses” (Carragher).

In stages 9-11 of the tutorial we see how the textile evolves from lightly to heavily embellished. This progression is meant to illustrate Daenarys’ personal growth and the growth of her dragons (source).

Here’s a link to Ms. Carragher’s website.


Don’t care about Game of Thrones but that shit is cool

So Oz Comic Con was pretty freaking awesome. Full update and new photos to come!
So I may have decided to do something different for oz comic con in Brisbane this weekend..  If I end up wearing a wig you will know something went terribly wrong..

So I may have decided to do something different for oz comic con in Brisbane this weekend..
If I end up wearing a wig you will know something went terribly wrong..

(...) that. Anyway if I could recommend a great wig for Dany it would be the "Dany" wig from Arda's website. I think about buying this one for future Daenerys cosplays. The lunar dragon is great on apparence but not worth the price I think :P This one is a bit pricier but I know for sure that the quality is great. Anyway thank you for your answer ! Btw i love your cosplays and your tutorials are really useful so thank you for that :)

I’m posting this for reference! x

Hi! I was just wondering if you have found any fabric that would go well with daenarys dress from "The Children" ? It's such a beautiful dress but I am having trouble finding matching (or close to matching) fabric?

Hey you know what I think the fabric would be closest to? I think a stiff fabric like pleather, because if you look at the close up image of it it looks like its a hard material which has been cut out from a stencil. I don’t know if you would find fabric like it premade. If I were to make this dress (And trust me I have thought about it) I would buy some soft blue pleather, and then get out trusty stencil knife and start cutting out the triangles in it. (You would have a lining to sew underneath once you have finished the fabric). The only reason I didnt think too much into doing this dress was purely because I’m a perfectionist when it comes to accurate costuming thus I would go insane trying to replicate this fabric. But its definitely doable! Also you could get away with another fabric if you could find one similar! Please let me know if I’ve mistaken which dress you are referring to, but I’m pretty sure you meant this one! 
Thank you for your ask! Good luck if you decide to go forth and try it! 

hey!!! i suck at cosplay making; i cant sew for shit and i just generally suck, so i was wondering if you knew any online shops where they sell an accurate representation of any dany costume bc i reaaaaaally wanna be her for halloween! if you ever are interested in selling one of your costumes(which i doubt because you worked so hard on them and they are perfect), let me know right here!:)

Hi! Hmmn, I’ve never looked into purchasing a dany costume before so I’m not really sure whats good and what isn’t! Maybe one of my followers can help you out..? You know what would also be cool (And I’ve thought of this for a halloween costume) I think a Modern Daenerys would be awesome. Something I’ve thought about a lot because I have the wig and then I think to myself “What would Dany wear?”. But yeah hopefully you find a good quality dany costume online!! 

I’m so sad. I don’t know if I will have the time to make my new cosplay anymore. I got a part time engineering job which will turn into a full time when I graduate in a few months. And it’s really tiring me out. I only have the weekend to do things and I’m just not sure. I could probably pull it off if I wanted to but lacking motive. Give me motivation guys!

♕ Daenerys Stormborn, Princess of Dragonstone & Queen of Meereen [x]


 Daenerys Stormborn, Princess of Dragonstone & Queen of Meereen [x]